Project Overview

The Events Team is dedicated to planning fun and engaging events that raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainability around campus and the Davis community. The team’s goal is to educate and spread awareness of sustainable practices to help foster more environmentally-minded students.

What is the Events Team working on?

  • Right before Fall Quarter 2022, EPPC tabled to showcase the commission to general public and incoming students during orientation. EPPC described ways to get involved, what the commission does, and projects that we're working on.

Sunset Fest
  • In Fall Quarter of 2022, EPPC tabled at Sunset Fest with a sustainable trivia activity. Participants were entered into a raffle for prizes and also learned more about sustainability on campus and in the community.
Aggie Reuse x EPPC collaboration 
  • In Fall Quarter of 2022, EPPC had a Halloween clothing swap collaboration with Aggie Reuse Store. We promoted sustainability in Halloween clothing to try to prevent purchases of single-wear costumes.

  • The Events team's goal is to plan one social a quarter in order to increase internal communication with EPPC members.
Future Plans
  • The Events Team is looking forward to planning exciting new activities such as collaboration for sustainability workshops, tablings at Memorial Union, Whole Earth Festival, and Picnic Day. 
Past Events in 2021-2022
  • In Fall Quarter 2021, the Events Team tabled with ASCUD CCE at Sunset Fest with a game of environmental "The Price is Right". The game quizzed students on informational questions about the environment and ways to be sustainable. 
  • In Spring Quarter 2022, the Events Team hosted a Sustainable Cooking Workshop with the ASUCD Pantry, the Davis Alternative Protein Project, and Homemade at UC Davis. The workshop included ways to make homemade and environmentally friendly recipes, along with conscious grocery tips. 
The Events team is led by Kelly Abey and is composed of Nic Sardo and Emma Roginski.

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