ASUCD Sustainability Audit

The ASUCD Sustainability Audit occurs annually and is a comprehensive review of the sustainable practices ASUCD operations have implemented. The Audit encourages ASUCD operations to set goals to increase their sustainability and is linked closely with the Guidelines for Environmental Sustainability in the ASUCD Bylaws. 


The Events Team is dedicated to planning fun and engaging events that raise awareness of environmental issues and promote sustainability around campus and the Davis community. 

Environmental Justice

The Environmental Justice team is passionate about getting students involved in sustainability and tables at the MU and asks students questions about their environmental habits.

Styrofoam Recycling

The Styrofoam Recycling team aids in the process of properly recycling styrofoam on campus in order to reduce waste. They want to work on how students at UC Davis can recycle styrofoam without it being wasteful. 

Fossil Free UCD

The Fossil Fuel project is committed to creating advocacy efforts for making a fossil free UC Davis campus.

Committees and Coalitions

Some groups that were started as EPPC projects eventually grow into their own committee or coalition, but still work closely alongside EPPC.

Environmental Sustainability Student Coalition

ESSC facilitates more communication and collaboration amongst environmental groups on campus, and serves as a central source of knowledge regarding all sustainability projects happening on campus in order to more effectively address environmental issues as a university. ESSC posts information and advice on their instagram @ucdavis.essc.

ESSC website   @ucdavis.essc

Fair Trade Committee 

The Fair Trade Committee upholds UC Davis' status as a Fair Trade University. Our goal is to educate the UC Davis community, collaborate with other UC-wide Fair Trade campaigns, and ensure Fair Trade products are available on campus. There is more information on their instagram @asucd.fairtrade about their fair trade committee.


Student Sustainability Career Fair

SSCF aims to arrange, host, and facilitate a career fair once a quarter in the academic year with sustainable career paths and opportunities as its focus. Currently, SSCF is working on virtual resources to connect students with career, internship, and volunteer opportunities, and is posting resources and advice on their instagram @asucd.sscf.