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Why is Davis So Rainy Right Now?

The discourse around climate change can make it seem like a crisis for future generations to deal with. But climate change is not some vague, hazy phenomenon that will arrive in the future, it is already here. It is already worsening natural disasters, already exacerbating environmental injustices, and already costing billions of dollars in damages. The past two weeks have shown this clearly.


November's Climate News!

This November has presented us with promising climate initiatives for California and the nation as a whole. 


October's Climate News!

California made great strides last month in its efforts to tackle the climate crisis. One landmark achievement was the passage of two first-of-their-kind climate disclosure laws that Governor Gavin Newsom signed on October 7. One law mandates that companies with over $1 billion in annual revenue must determine and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions.

More Congestion on I-80?

If you drive on the I-80 often, pay attention! You’ve likely noticed ongoing construction work there. It turns out that construction work is part of a controversy that might lead to worse congestion on the highway.