External Team

What does this team do?

 EPPC's External Team is responsible for drafting and publishing statements regarding current environmental topics. Whether it be a senate resolution, Facebook post, or blogpost, the External Team attempts to voices student perspectives in an unbiased way. The team's goal is for UC Davis students to have a reliable source of environmental news and access to resources so they can take action.

What is the External Team working on?

News To Know
  • News To Know is a series posted to the EPPC social media that features campus, local, state, national, or global environmental news. Each post seeks to explain the topic and give more resources where students can learn more if they are interested in the issue. More information about the News To Know posts and links for the topics covered can be found here.
CEQA Amendment
  • EPPC is working with the ASUCD Office of External Affairs Vice President to pass a bill that would streamline and limit the CEQA litigation process to no more than 270 days for student housing developments that meet certain criteria. This bill would stop individuals from being able to misuse CEQA to delay and block new student housing projects near colleges when the developments would have negligible environmental impacts. The bill would require the housing projects to meet strict sustainability requirements in order to qualify for streamlined litigation, so it would not remove or limit any of the environmental protection or analysis portions of CEQA. 


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