Sustainability Regulations

Project Overview

According to the ASUCD bylaws, “All aspects of events that are under ASUCD control shall be zero waste.”

A zero-waste event means that 90% of the event’s waste is diverted away from landfills. The Whole Earth Festival is currently the only ASUCD event that is zero-waste. 

This project seeks to increase the amount of zero-waste events hosted by ASUCD and improve accountability in ASUCD related to sustainability. 


Shared Resource Database

EPPC has noticed that ASUCD entities frequently repurchase items, and when purchasing do not prioritize sustainability, often opting for single-use items. The Environmental Education team has created a Shared Resource Database with the goal of compiling all shared ASUCD resources to reduce excess purchasing. Any ASUCD entity is welcome to utilize these resources, and should also add their own resources to share.

The Shared Resource Database can be found here.


ASUCD Events Specific Audit

The Audit Team is creating an events specific audit for ASUCD entities to fill out before they plan events. The aim of this audit is to ensure that events are planned with sustainability in mind. The audit contains suggestions and resources for ASUCD events to increase their sustainability and hopefully become zero-waste. 

In addition, the Environmental Education team is creating an events sustainability guide to specifically instruct ASUCD entities on how to host zero-waste events. This guide is meant to go with the general EPPC Sustainability Guide.


ASUCD Main Audit Accountability

The Sustainability Regulations team is brainstorming methods to hold ASUCD entities accountable when filling out our annual audit. EPPC frequently receives unfinished annual audits, and therefore can't give adequate sustainability suggestions to ASUCD entities.

The Sustainability Regulations project is led by Annie Kanjamala and consists of the Audit Team (Lydia Rice, Sriya Batchu, Kelsey Meyer) and Environmental Education (Meron Gebre, Sriya Batchu, Kelsey Meyer, Kaitlyn Kwan)