Styrofoam Recycling

Project Overview

EPPC created the Styrofoam Recycling project in fall quarter 2021 to limit the amount of styrofoam waste from labs and residence halls on campus. Currently, styrofoam waste from the various origins on the UC Davis campus ends up in landfills, where it contributes to air, water, and land pollution. Styrofoam Recycling's goal is to create easier and more sustainable ways to recycle styrofoam on campus.

What is the Styrofoam Recycling team working on?

Styrofoam Recycling Project 
  • The Styrofoam Recycling team aims to reduce styrofoam waste from labs and residence halls on campus. Our goal is to set up drop-boxes for styrofoam waste in high-influx areas, as well as facilitate the frequent recycling of such materials.

The Events Team is led by Mackenzie Field and composed of Alana Webre.

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